Parkway-Kew Corporation

We provide the added durability to your high-wear components with our state of the art precision metal coating technology

Tungsten Carbide is one of the hardest and most durable materials used in manufacturing various equipment. It is an important component in the parts of many types of machinery, whether it is applied as a coating or used as a solid cemented carbide wear piece. Imagine heavy equipment being used to draw wire, large pumps used in fracking for oil, or giant overhead cranes used to load and unload container ships at our ports. On the right is a pulley, formerly made of tool steel, that has been redesigned into a steel carrier with a solid tungsten carbide insert in the middle. Wear life was dramatically improved over the original tool steel version.
But no matter how durable a part is, it will eventually wear to the point at which it functions poorly or not at all. When this happens to a  part that is large and/or complex, send it to Parkway-Kew to be restored with the appropriate wear-resistant coating.​​

Fracking Plungers

Make your fracking plungers last longer with PK-730, the proprietary fused tungsten carbide coating that is getting the best life in the industry. The standard, more affordable PK-62 nickel chrome alloy is also available.

Industries Served

Oil and Gas

Wire Drawing

Shipping Terminals