Parkway-Kew Advanced Thermal Spray Coatings


The performance of parts or equipment made from low cost cast iron or steel can be enhanced through the use of coatings to combat wear or chemical attack. Some of the alloys that can be applied to improve performance:

Stainless - rust prevention
Zinc (galvanizing) - rust prevention
Stellite 6 - high temperature wear
Aluminum or Copper - rust prevention or conductivity
Monel - chemical Attack
Hastelloy C - Chemical attack
Chrome plating replacement
Chrome Carbide - turbines
Aluminum Bronze - wear resistance and conductivity
Zirconium Oxide - thermal barriers
Inconel - Chemical attack

Many alloys can be custom blended to achieve different properties; Parkway-Kew has the ability to develop new coatings to improve performance on different parts.

2" rolls hardsurfaced with PK700 for galvanizing tank

2.5" rolls hardsurfaced with PK1700 for copper-plating tank

Interior of wire drawing block aluminized for rust prevention

Top of two pistons coated with PK2000, a thermal barrier ceramic

Snow machine exhaust manifold hardsurfaced with PK 2000

Snow machine exhaust manifold hardsurfaced with PK 2000

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