Parkway-Kew Corp. has developed two coatings for the fiber optic industry PK-35 and PK-70. Both coatings are conductive and help reduce the buildup of static electricity. PK-35 has a mirror like finish of 1-2 RMS with virtually no porosity and a hardness of 35-40 Rockwell C. PK-70 is much more wear-resistant with a Rockwell C of 60 and a 10-15 RMS.

Both alloys can be applied to light weight aluminum sheaves and capstans to help satisfy the critical quality requirements inherent in fiber optic production and conveyance. Parkway-Kew Corp. can manufacture parts from customer-supplied prints or auto cad discs or just hardsurface and finish customer supplied parts.

Fiber optic sheave hardsufaced with PK70 & 35

12.530" diameter capstans with PK35 for fiber optics

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