Parkway-Kew Advanced Thermal Spray Coatings

Cold Rolling Cassette Rolls
  • Cold Rolling Cassette Rolls can be reconditioned to the most demanding tolerances ensuring that your wire maintains the tolerance as long as possible.

  • CA,RT and Oval rolls are reconditioned to meet your delivery requirements.

  • "New rolls" can be supplied when your old rolls are being reconditioned.

PK Advantage:

Unlike other reconditioners, Parkway-Kew only removed the minimum amount from all three cassettes and does not arbitrarily remove 3mm of Tungsten Carbide.  The end result is that your rolls will last approximately 5 times longer before being replaced.

Descaler Rolls
  • Long lasting solid Tungsten Carbide rolls can be supplied for your mechanical descaler.

  • If the dimensions of the roll are not cost effective to manufacture as a single roll, often they can be redesigned.

  • The rolls can be redesigned with a replaceable insert or with a mild steel core.

  • Tungsten Carbide rolls are normally the most cost effective solution to solve the particle wear problems of the mechanical descaling operation.

Flux Core Straightening, Guide, Edger and Forming Rolls
  • These rolls may experience cost savings by manufacturing them with Tungsten Carbide.

  • Most radius requirements and complex geometries can be accommodated when reconditioning or manufacturing the above rolls.

Tool Steel Rolls
  • All tool steel rolls can be reconditioned to original geometries if the reduction diameter can be tolerated.

  • Rolls below usable dimensions can be replaced with either new tool steel rolls or redesigned with a Tungsten Carbide substrate according to original specifications.

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